Piedmontese Biove bread
Salame del Po Levoni
Toma cheese
Fresh lettuce
Extra-virgin olive oil 



Using a good bread knife, cut the bread into slices. Cut a piece of the toma cheese into cubes. On the first slice of bread layer the salami cut into medium-thick slices, cover with the toma cheese and the fresh lettuce. Add a drop of extra-virgin olive oil and finally close with the second slice of bread. Eat it while it is fresh.  

The wine to match it.
Dolcetto, made exclusively from a single grape variety of the same name, this dry wine is ruby red in colour, it has a winey scent and a pleasantly bitter flavour.  

The beer to match it.
Choose one of the Trappist beers with an intense golden hue and slightly fruity yet decisive taste.  

The juice to match it.
“Temperamental”: 1 bunch of fresh parsley, 2 carrots, 1 apple, 1 celery stick.