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Inspection of the production chain, selection of breeds, ancient recipes, earnest choice of ingredients and natural “rhythms”. The challenge of Levoni is that of combining warranties and industrial safety standards with the accuracy and passion towards the product which is typical of the craftsman processes. 

The pig processing is only the last link in a production chain that starts with the study of the best breed. This is possible thanks to the establishment of a structure of excellence with the partner Sereni more than 50 years ago, where the genetics of the animals is analysed to ensure the quality of breeders and piglets, as well as their diet and growth environment. Equally important is the slaughter stage, which Levoni entrusts to Mec Carni slaughterhouse - one of the most advanced factories in this field, where every week about 13 thousand heads of cattle pass through, out of which 30% is dispatched to Levoni. The care in the selection and proper amount of the ingredients is also a true feather in Levoni production’s cap. Spices and herbs are ground and processed right in-house just before being added to the mixture. Every product respects very precise baking, smoking, curing and maturation periods, for a final top-quality result.



The one thing that strikes all visitors when they enter the Castellucchio plant is the way innovation and tradition, technology and craft skills are combined in perfect harmony right through the production process, inspired by the passion and care Ezechiello instilled in his successors – the wonderful heritage the company now enjoys.Mantua is the undisputed queen of Lombardy pig breeding, the first province in terms of number of heads reared and leader also in terms of slaughterhouses and butchering. The high quality of the meat of the pigs of Mantua is guaranteed by the destination of the legs to the production of PDO Prosciutto di Parma and San Daniele. The farming system of Mantua - which is associated with an industry of agri-food products of considerable importance - can be fully included among the most advanced at Community level, thanks to high productivity, cutting edge technology and substantial investments by companies.

Deli meats are allowed to patiently mature as in the old times, fully following the natural rhythms.  Levoni still believes it is the human touch that creates excellent products, so expert hands and eyes decide when a cut of meat is mature. The smoking process is just as important. In the early ‘ 900, Ezechiello Levoni went up to Dalmatia to learn the art and secrets of smoking meat developed by the traditional producers under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. All our PDO hams are aged at least 13 months.

This is when he realized the importance of choosing the right wood and, back in Italy, he devised his own method by selecting a precise mixture of mountain woods. The same method - exclusively natural - which is still used nowadays for all smoked deli meats. The result? A delicacy and roundness on the palate that have no equal.



Inspection of the production chain, selection of breeds, ancient recipes and earnest choice of ingredients and natural “rhythms”. The challenge of Levoni is that of combining warranties and industrial safety standards with the accuracy and passion towards the product which is typical of the craftsman processes. 



Why are Levoni deli meats “Quelli Buoni” (“the Good Ones”)? First of all because the raw material is “the good one”. And that is a guarantee, because the Levoni family’s commitment to quality does not just involve making their deli meats, it starts much earlier than that. The careful choice of raw materials is a critical step to ensure a good product. Levoni selects only the highest quality raw materials, and their own researchers play a direct role in studying pig genetics. Raising the finest pig breeds is closely monitored at the Cavriana farm. And it goes without saying that Levoni’s high quality standards are equally strictly applied to all the other farms selected as their suppliers.


In order to safeguard the punctuality and efficiency of the deliveries, Levoni supplies almost the entire Northern Italy and partly Central Italy with its own vehicles. In the remaining areas, Levoni entrusts qualified and fast couriers to guarantee the products delivery in the best storage conditions and within quick, regular times. 

Over the decades and at the same speed of the sales system development, the company has benefited from the improvement of the logistic processes, entrusting vehicles and drivers with an increasingly punctual and efficient distribution to the customer.

History has taught us that the inimitable flavour and aroma of time are expressed through the art of know-how.


We know that responsibility forms the basis of any relationship of trust. To guarantee those who choose our Levoni only-the-most-excellent deli meats, we are committed to prioritising quality and Italianness at all costs. It is a decision we make transparent for everyone. The Levoni Group has implemented a Quality Management System in order to guarantee the high quality of their deli meats.



For over 10 years this System has been certified according to global standards for food safety by the BRC (British Retail Consortium).

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UNI EN ISO 22005:2008

The porc meats used for all deli meats carrying the Levoni label are of certified Italian origin:for PDO products, certification is issued by agencies nominated by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. All the other deli meats (including the PGI) are certified by CSQA in compliance with the ISO 22005:2008 standard for traceability systems in the agri-food industry.

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UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

The Levoni facility in Castellucchio (Mantua), the Ham factory at San Daniele del Friuli (Udine) and the Ham factory at Lesignano de' bagni (Parma) are certified by SGS in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems.

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History and tradition, information and education, quality and sustainability, bond with the territory, Italian lifestyle, Teamwork and a focus on the future. These are the seven values on which the "IVSI (the Italian deli meats Promotion Institute) Manifesto - the charter of our values" is based. With its Manifesto, IVSI puts the consumer’s needs at the heart of matters, placing the utmost importance in transparency and building a trustworthy relationship between producers and consumers.

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