Curing cellar scents that remind us of our grandparents’ salami. Sweet and rounded,with pepper and cloves ground in wine.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 13)

1458 kj 351 kcal
27 g
of which saturates
11 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
27 g
3,8 g

History and
interesting facts

This is the typical salame of the banks of the great river Po, characterised by the addition of wine and "hot" processed as was once done in the courts. It used to dry in the kitchen with a wood stove and mature in rooms and cellars where ancient structures would guarantee the proper conditions.


Handcrafted appearance, natural casing with hand tying, coarse mincing. Round and balanced bouquet with notes of bread crust, light spices, cellar. Upon tasting, complex, sweet, balanced flavour with notes of spices.
Cut the slices with a knife (3-4 mm). To be served whole on cutting board with knife or on display on a serving plate.

Pairing and Wines

Perfect eaten on its own, it pairs well with raw and sweet-and-sour vegetables, aged and fresh cheeses, fruit characterised by a certain acidity or a slice of toasted polenta as an entrée.

It pairs well with Oltrepò Pavese wines such as Bonarda or Lambrusco, better not too alcoholic, with good presence of fruity aromas and right acidity. To try with a Freisa d'Asti CDO.

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