Every day, we consider the impact our business can have on the environment and people.

That is why we have embarked on a road toward sustainable development, which enables us to assess and measure the consequences of our business decisions on our environment.

This journey has been underway for several years, in alignment with our Vision and Values. Today, it has entered a new phase, strengthening the strides we have taken so far.

We have equipped ourselves with tools and models to measure our environmental impact, devising strategies and improvement initiatives to establish a resilient and profound sustainability profile.

To ensure maximum transparency and to add value to the path we have taken, we have been supported by specialized consultants in various aspects of our development plan, as well as by institutional bodies such as IVSI, ASSICA, several universities, Confindustria Mantova, and Istituto Italiano Imballaggi, all actively engaged in these matters at the local, regional, national and international levels.

We firmly believe that one of the cornerstones of the company's medium- to long-term growth strategy rests upon economic, environmental, and social sustainability


Vigilant resource utilization, combating food, by-product, water, paper, and plastic waste


Developing recyclable packaging made from recycled material


Advocating for animal welfare practices throughout our supply chain


Actively promoting ESG issues through internal and external training


Championing workplace health and safety initiatives

We are working to create a company- wide system that:

  1. Facilitates innovation
  2. Generates and develops new knowledge, processes, and products/services
  3. Integrates and enhances all stakeholders inside and outside the Group
  4. Minimizes environmental impacts across the entire supply chain

For over a century, we have pursued food and wine excellence with the production of high-quality deli meats. We carry out our commitment by positioning ourselves as a reference for our community – a role which comes with a deep awareness of our responsibilities to our stakeholders.

Because of our history, tradition, and heritage, we aspire to become a benefit corporation. We recognize that, beyond profitability, our purpose must be to promote the common good and to operate in a responsible, regenerative, and transparent manner.