A harmonious pairing of the meats with rounded, delicate spices. A delicate harmonious taste with elegant hints of white pepper.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 95)

1805 435 kcal
35 g
of which saturates
14 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
30 g
3,7 g

History and
interesting facts

History and interesting facts Sausage typical of Romagna by a small diameter, horseshoe shape and soft paste. The slow maturing allows obtaining a perfect balance between the spices and the carefully selected and processed meat part.


Handcrafted appearance, natural casing, typical shape, coarse mincing. Nice meat-red colour, compact, soft slice, smooth texture, round and harmonious aroma. Upon tasting it releases a sweet, balanced, flavour, captivating, one slice leads to another.
Cut the slices of 3-4 mm with a knife and arrange them on the cutting board together with the knife.

Pairing and Wines

Semi-ripened cheese cubes, such as pecorino or cow's milk malga cheese pair well with the Sausage of Emilia Romagna. Good artisan bread or taralli are essential. Olives and pickles give balance to the oiliness and the oil dip with raw vegetables lighten the snack as well as giving colour.

The Sausage of Emilia Romagna pairs well with various types of wines, as long as they are fragrant, fruity, young and expansive. Perfect Gutturnio CDO Sparkling with a vinous aroma with notes of red fruit, with a fresh, lively flavour.

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