Sicilian homemade loaf
Salame Paisanella Levoni
Black olives
Wild mint
Extra-virgin olive oil and Salt



Wash, peel and dice the aubergine, place in a frying pan with a little extra-virgin olive oil, a few leaves of wild mint and a few chopped olives, season with salt and pepper. When the aubergine is well cooked mash with a fork to create a paste and allow to cool. Slice the bread and cover the two slices with the aubergine paste and fill with Paisanella Levoni. Finally, put it to the taste test.  

The wine to match it.
Nerello Mascalese, a less intensely coloured red wine that has an elevated alcohol content. It has a fine, elegant bouquet with dominant notes of liquorice, spices and red fruits, its flavour is harmonious and it leaves a warm, dry sensation on the palate.  

The beer to match it.
Choose a double malt Danish beer.  

The juice to match it.
“Glam”: 2 pears, 3 leaves of black cabbage, 1 piece of fresh ginger.