A charming nose with a light scent of garlic and notes of seasoned meat. An intriguing taste, distinguished by its characteristic mix of peppers.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 15)

1629 kj 393 kcal
33 g
of which saturates
13 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
24 g
4,1 g

History and
interesting facts

The Schiacciata Romana is typical of Lazio, where it is called “spianata”. Its typicality lies in the light presence of garlic, ​​and it features inside a dark red, compact paste, enriched with lard cubes. The name describes its maturation; the salami is in fact crushed between two axes, for the whole time of its maturation, up to maintaining its shape.


The slice has a fine grind, dotted by beautiful white pearl pieces of lard. The aroma is that of skilfully matured meats, and the flavour is sweet and delicate, enhanced by a delicate bouquet of spices dosed to respect the excellence of the raw material. In the creation of this deli meat, also the maturation time plays a very important role, and a good palate knows how to recognise its value.

The Schiacciata Romana is cut into a slicer with a thickness of about 1 mm, but it can also be tasted thicker and chopped. For the receipt of tasty dishes it can require different cuts, from the cube to the thin strip to the thick slice.

Pairing and Wines

The Schiacciata Romana is irresistible with its homonymous bread - the “schiacciata” - much appreciated both in Tuscany and in Lazio. It is precious in savory pies with ricotta cheese base, with sweet vegetables such as pumpkin, courgettes, leeks, artichokes, potatoes, and it goes perfectly well with seasoned and tasty kinds of cheese: pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano, caciocavallo and provolone. It is suitable for appetizers, slices of toasted bread, titbits, always accompanied by a slice of tomato or grilled aubergine or a pickle that gives it a delicate touch of acidity.

Verdicchio - thanks to its freshness and the finesse of its aromas - enhances the characteristics of the Schiacciata Romana, which also perfectly goes with the liveliness and sapidity of Barbera - the most representative and characteristic wine of Pedmont.

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