A pungent, aromatic mix of peppers on the nose. A decisive palate, with cordial notes of curing cellar, refined meats, garlic and pepper.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 17)

1680 kj 405 kcal
33 g
of which saturates
13 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
27 g
4,4 g

History and
interesting facts

La Corallina is a typical Umbrian salami, very popular in Rome. In ancient times it was produced in what today would be called a "limited edition"; it was in fact a delicacy that was prepared by the butchers only for the Easter period, and it was considered the true protagonist of the irrevocable out-of-town trips, paired with the typical cheese pizza and hard-boiled eggs. Today it is known and loved, throughout our Country and beyond!


La Corallina has a very fine grind with evident diced lard pieces, its casing is natural and tied by hand, in the best tradition of charcuterie. In the matured paste, the characteristic aromas of wine, spicy pepper and garlic are highlighted, which give a decisive and balanced taste, bringing back memories of cellars where maturation and refinement would promise exquisite tastings.

A delicious salami to be served whole on a cutting board, allowing the ritual to be performed in which each guest cuts their own slices. It is preserved much better whole. In case it is started and not finished - which is rare - the cut part must be protected with a transparent film and the gut must be wrapped in paper (bread bags are perfect), then store it in a cool or refrigerated place.

Pairing and Wines

To be tasted on its own, accompanied by freshly baked bread or according to the Umbrian Easter tradition with cheese pie and blessed eggs.

La Corallina is undoubtedly a salami of great character. A good Montefalco - delicate and harmonious - is the perfect wine to exalt its scents and enhance its aromas.

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