Elegance delivered by delightful balsamic spices and aromatic Provençal herbs. A unique taste of cooked meat combined with notes of thyme, marjoram and rosemary.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 248)

1376 kj 332 kcal
28 g
of which saturates
12 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
20 g
1,7 g

History and
interesting facts

Pork spareribs are also called ribs in northern Italy or “spuntature” in the central and southern regions, in Tuscany then they become the “Rosticciana”: the bottom line is no matter how they are called, they are definitely the queens of the grille for all!


Levoni pork spareribs are seasoned with aromatic herbs, roasted externally so that they take colour, and then cooked at a low temperature and at a controlled humidity so that the meat remains soft and tasty. The aroma is inviting, the flavour is succulent, the sapidity is balanced.

Levoni pork spareribs are already cooked, so they just need to be heated in a bain-marie, in the oven, in a pan, or grilled, as you prefer, maybe lightly wet with broth or wine or cognac. They are cut following the bone and well arranged on the serving plate.

Pairing and Wines

Second course that divinely pairs with grilled vegetables, potatoes in all their preparations, the artichokes cooked in olive oil, parsley and garlic and, of course, the roasted polenta. They are delicious and lighter when tasted with mixed salads of vegetables and fennel with milk. If you do not finish them, cut the bone, cut them coarsely and season a risotto alla Parmigiana, both with their sauce and with the meat.

A wonderful still red is the ideal choice to accompany the flavourful, tasty spareribs. Excellent a single variety as much as a blend, not very young, from three to five years, ready, mature, that releases all its body. Think of a Montefalco, a Morellino, a Dolcetto, a Valpollicella superiore.

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