A typical Mantuan delicacy, captivating with its tantalizing taste and crisp consistency. The decisive flavour makes every bite irresistibly moreish.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 262)

2726,9 kj 657 kcal
55 g
of which saturates
20 g
0,7 g
of which sugars
0 g
40 g
2 g

History and
interesting facts

In the heart of the Po Valley - between Emilia and low Lombardy - where pig breeding has always been widespread, the ciccioli (greaves) are the undisputed protagonists on the tables laid for a sumptuous repast. They are so much beloved, sought after, bearers of an ancient tradition, so that their recipe appears as early as 1234 to witness an agricultural economy that would get the maximum resources from the farmyard animals.


Ciccioli are brownish, crunchy, flavourful, slightly salted on the surface and delicious indeed.       Simply arrange them in a bowl or on a plate to eat them as appetizer.

Pairing and Wines

The ideal pairing with ciccioli is a fresh, velvety, light wine: the sparkling Gutturnio is excellent.      

Delicious as a snack, for snacks in the countryside or to accompany an aperitif. Many times ciccioli are accompanied by the Mantuan schiacciata (white flatbread pizza) or polenta. You can find them in the soft version and in the crispy version, much more degreased. They pair well with deli meats appetizers and the more traditional bakers make the schiacciata with ciccioli using crumbs. We offer you the ciccioli of pork, but even those of goose are very valuable and appreciated.

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