Clean and modern on the nose, characteristically flavoured on the palate. A pleasant consistency reveals a fine balance of flavours and aromas.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 210)

677,5 kj 162,5 kcal
10,5 g
of which saturates
4 g
1 g
of which sugars
1 g
16 g
2 g

History and
interesting facts

The pork legs have a millennial experience and have always been present in the history of our diet .... So much so that they are the most precious and expensive anatomical part, from which many delicious deli meats are born; raw hams, culatello and culatta, cooked ham, speck and, since we do not throw anything away from the pig, the trimmings of the legs are used for the salami mixture mixture!


Alfiere cooked ham is rosé, compact, not too fat, covered with a biscuit-coloured rind. Thanks to its salt content it releases a good delicate, persistent aroma. In the cooked ham family, the Levoni one is characterised by being medium-flavoured, and particularly sweet. When chewed is soft and pleasant, with a well-defined, satisfying flavour.

Removed from the wrapper, cleaned of any jelly, the cooked ham is cut into a thin slicer after having cut the rind and removed it. It may be necessary to cut it more often depending on the recipe requirements.

Pairing and Wines

Beverage pairings

Cooked ham is also loved by children, so it is perfect even with a glass of milk, but if we enter the world of adults, to try white wines of character and elegance like Tocai and Pinot white that perfectly pair with the delicacy of this deli meat.

Food pairin                                        
Cooked ham is the main ingredient in the kitchen for many recipes: with peas for a delicious side dish, to season pasta, for a tasty risotto and then excellent in savoury pies, lasagne, crepes, rolls, croquettes, and a thousand other possibilities. A classic, to try is the croque-monsieur, so French and so tasty.

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