Rye bread
Lardo stagionato Pancettato ai Sapori - Lard with belly and herbs Levoni
Porcini mushrooms
Bleu d’Aoste cheese



Blend the Bleu d’Aoste to a mousse consistency. Clean the porcini mushrooms, slice and grill them for around 2/3 minutes. Slice the bread and spread the mousse over both pieces, fill with finely sliced Lardo Pancettato ai Sapori Levoni, garnish with the porcini mushroom and eat it straight away.  

The wine to match it.
Nus, an intense ruby red wine that tends towards garnet. It has a delicate, yet intense, bouquet with good persistent flavour that is pleasantly fruity with a final note of vegetable.  

The beer to match it.
Choose a bitter variety of stout with an aroma of coffee, liquorice and wood.

The juice to match it.
“Green”: 2 Sticks of celery, 1 apple, 1 bunch of parsley, 4 leaves of spinach.