Spicy and aromatic, with notes of white pepper, nutmeg and a distinctively light smoking. Rich and juicy in the mouth, with a complexity that gratifies the palate.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 237)

1119,2 kj 270,4 kcal
24 g
of which saturates
9,8 g
0,6 g
of which sugars
0,6 g
13 g
2,1 g

History and
interesting facts

They are typical sausages of Trentino Alto Adige, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. They are produced in butchery with pork, beef and chicken meats, and they are consumed fresh. Depending on the origin, they vary in shape and size, and they are usually smoked. Levoni has chosen a small South Tyrolean artisan firm to produce its fantastic Vienna sausages respecting the great local tradition, yet only using the best cuts of pork meat born and bred in the Po Valley.


Levoni's Vienna sausages are characterised by a delicate aromatisation, a natural smoking and steaming that preserve all their flavour. Our recipe is without glutamate and added polyphosphates.

Once removed from the casing, they can be steam heated, or heated either directly in a non-stick pan or grilled. For rice salads, pizza and canapés are cold cut into slices, cubes, strips. The Servelade Vienna sausages are wrapped in natural casing. 

Pairing and Wines

The classic, inevitable pairing sees the craft beer as the protagonist: unpasteurised, dense turbid, fragrant, served cold and with a perfect, skilful foam.

We accompany Vienna sausages with baked, fried or mashed potatoes. Delicious with the pretzel - typical open knot bread - and a good mustard.For a tasty main course slice the Vienna sausages, stuff them with Emmental cheese and wrap in a thin slice of smoked pancetta, then bake until the pancetta becomes crunchy: it is very good. Fabulous in rice and pasta salad; suitable for preparing canapés and snacks. The grilled cooking is also perfect for skewers, while we should not forget that it is the right choice for a tasty pizza.In the typical mountain dish it accompanies polenta, sauerkraut, melted cheese, fried eggs and roasted pancetta.

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