A fascinating, inviting fragrance reveals perfectly balanced smoky and spicy flavours. An enveloping smokiness and mix of spices make it irresistible.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 350)

2734,5 kj 664 kcal
70 g
of which saturates
25 g
0,5 g
of which sugars
0,5 g
8 g
1,7 g

History and
interesting facts

Its origins lie in Amatrice with the classic amatriciana pasta now widespread throughout Italy. Used to give flavour and liveliness to dishes. As the name tells, it is the part of the pig's cheek, the throat, trimmed, salted and matured. The version proposed by Levoni is naturally smoked with a selection of Trentino woods.


A half moon of pearly white cheek, streaked by a thin pink-red small muscle, delicate aroma of smoke, sweet, slightly oily and smoky flavour. It melts in your mouth, giving pleasantness.

Cut by hand or using a slicer in the desired size according to the intended use: thin slices, thicker slices, in strips or cubes. It can also be ground to be spread or to be used for other preparations. 

Pairing and Wines

On a toasted bread crust with a slice of apple or some raspberries. Excellent with the Trevisano radicchio, to wrap a head of porcini mushroom or a tail of prawn and with the courgette and mint omelette. As a base for sautéed vegetables, vegetable, cereal and legume soups.

Try it with Lazio TGI Rosé: a pairing that extols the product thanks to the floral bouquet. The structure and the sapid component finish the tasting in freshness.

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