A delicate nose with fresh spicy notes. The taste is distinctively soft and sophisticated.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 333)

2051 kj 497 kcal
49 g
of which saturates
19 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
14 g
3 g

History and
interesting facts

The pancetta is a typical deli meat of the Italian pork-butchery, and two are PDO prodcts: Piacentina and Calabra – the latter characterised by chili pepper. When it was essential to fight the harsh climates even with food, to endure physical exertions of manual labour and face daily trips on foot or by bicycle, the fat parts of the pig used to be considered "gold" because they brought a lot of energy. This is how pancetta became a sought-after food... Of course, its deliciousness helped a lot its success on Italian tables.


The pancetta is pinkish white, with red streaks in the leanest parts. The aroma is delicate and characterised by pepper and cloves. The flavour is sweet, soft and round. A true pleasure on the palate.
The pancetta must be sliced thinly (1 mm) in a meat slicer. After removing the outer part of the rind with a sharp knife.

Pairing and Wines

A genuine bread and pancetta requires a Lambrusco, a Bonarda. Instead, if pancetta flavours vegetables or it wraps prawn tails, still and slightly salty white wines will be the best pairing.

The pancetta is really delicious, and it can be also paired with salami and prosciutto or it may become the main actor of a hot, toasted crust. Essential to enrich the taste of a fillet, a shrimp tail or to give sweetness and softness to the game. Precious to enhance and flavour the minestrone soups.

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