The seasoning of the meat is exalted by gentle cooking, bringing freshness and aroma to the nose. Aromas persist in the mouth with a pleasantly engaging sapidity.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 265)

989 kj 238 kcal
18 g
of which saturates
6,8 g
1 g
of which sugars
1 g
18 g
1,8 g

History and
interesting facts

The coppa arrosto is obtained from an entire anatomical cut, the pig's coppa (Boston butt). The whole coppa is flavoured with natural sea salt and an exclusive blend of spices. It is characterised by the slow cooking in the steam oven and the subsequent browning which gives it a nice caramel colour.


It expresses well its typical characteristic, pinkish to the sight with the well visible muscles surrounded by a light covering of fat. Externally well browned and captivating. A good, well-balanced roast aroma. The flavour of roast meat is firm but not aggressive, with a right flavouring that enhances its taste, good firmness and chewiness.

It is cut ​​into thin slices using a slicer. As an alternative, thicker slices can be cut with a knife to be subsequently heated in microwave, grilled, in non-stick pan, steamed or on the barbecue. Or baked whole in the oven or in a bain-marie and then cut into thick slices with a knife.

Pairing and Wines

The coppa arrosto is very versatile, from the snack, to the aperitif, from the appetizer to the main course. In the special bread versions, with focaccia, paired with mixed pickled vegetables, pickled cucumbers, mustard. In the summer version with colorful and fresh seasonal vegetables.

We propose Cesanese del Piglio GCDO: combining the intense bouquet characterised by peppery notes and berries, the wine boasts a beautiful structure, immediate fruit and pulp sufficient to contain the tannic presence.

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