A carefully spiced aroma, complemented by fresh garlic, sweet paprika, and an engaging, balanced, peppery, smoky taste.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 37)

1723 kj / 416 kcal
36 g
of which saturates
14 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
23 g
4,1 g

History and
interesting facts

This is the salame that had allowed Ezechiello Levoni to win the Gold Medal at the international expo “Modern Arts & Industry” of London in 1913. Its very fine grinding, a thorough selection of spices processed at the right time, the light slow, cold smoking with selected woods from Trentino and its maturation give Ungherese Levoni the typical characteristic and uniqueness which typify it.


Handcrafted appearance, natural casing with hand tying, beautiful bright red colour, cohesive slice, smooth texture. Rounded and balanced aroma, garlic, paprika and natural smoking can be perceived. Upon tasting its texture is interesting, it releases a complex, sharp flavour in the mouth with notes of paprika, smoke, matured meat and perfect balance of lean and fatty meats.
Cut into thin slices by means of a slicer (1-1.5 mm). Arrange slices on the plate in a wavy, fluffy pattern. Decorate with pairing foods.

Pairing and Wines

When tasted on its own it gives out its full strength and character, it goes well with pickled vegetables, baby onions, gherkins, gardener and traditional types of bread. It supports strong flavors such as horseradish sauce and medium spicy mustard.

We suggest a Teroldego Rotaliano CDO boasting a dry, structured flavour or a young, lively Langhe CDO Nebbiolo, balanced in its ethereal, fruity and zesty aromas.

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