Delicious salami fragrant with pepper and cured meat. Split black pepper reveals itself pleasantly in the mouth, with a captivatingly intriguing and pungent finish. Soft and satisfying.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 58)

1680 kj 405 kcal
33 g
of which saturates
13 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
27 g
4,2 g

History and
interesting facts

It is the alter ego of the cigarette small salami - the traditional homemade salami in a very small version - characterised by a sweet, delicate dough to meet refined tastes. Its being miniature immediately puts it in the world of "happy hour": a real specialty to whet your appetite and give tasty moments of conviviality.


Single-portion salami, stuffed into natural casings. The paste consists of medium-fine, matured, soft minced meat. Aroma of matured meats, cellar and hints of hazelnuts. Upon biting it releases a pleasant typical, delicate, sweet taste, loved also by children.

Remove the moulds, the casing and consume cut into thick, compact slices.

Pairing and Wines

Mignon stands out for its delicate flavour that goes with light, fruity and floral wines; a Trebbiano Toscano, a Ribolla friulano, with its hints of apple, peach and pear, and why not, also a light fragrant and aromatic prosecco.

From the michetta to the soffiata (puffed bread), from ricciolina to the tortoise, the different types of breads are always an excellent pairing. A fresh, slightly hinted note of acidity is perfect: mixed berries, apple, and mixed pickled vegetables - a truly intriguing contrast. If you also like ripened or soft-ripened cheese, pecorino cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, or a nice mountain pasture toma, together with this Mignon you will obtain a pairing that will give you great satisfaction.

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