A balanced recipe that conquers the nose with its delightful hints of pepper and nutmeg. A charming flavour full of character.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 327)

1265,9 kj 305,8 kcal
27 g
of which saturates
11 g
0,7 g
of which sugars
0,7 g
15 g
2,5 g

History and
interesting facts

The history of mortadella is ancient, so that at the Museo Civico Archeologico of Bologna there are two Roman sepulchral steles on which the proofs of its centuries-old history can be traced. A stele depicts a pestle with a mortarium used to chop and mix meat, salt and spices, the ingredients of mortadella; the other one depicts the suarius - aka the guardian of pigs - near his pigs. An ancient history for a delicious deli meat.


The mortadella Oro externally boasts a nice biscuit colour given by cooking; the slice is rosy with consistent, firm, white lardons, which are evenly distributed, as well as pistachios. The aroma upon slicing is unmistakable, delicious, typical. The texture is silky, the flavour is piquant, sharp and persistent. 

Remove the casing and trim the outer part, cut mortadella into thin slices, possibly with the slicer, to obtain maximum 1 millimetre-thick slices. It must be said that, in some areas, tradition requires that mortadella be cut by hand into slices a few centimeters thick and then into wedges. It can be found diced in the preparation of recipes.

Pairing and Wines

With mortadella the Trento CDO is the classic, perfectly balanced pairing. If you love red wines, instead, a pairing to try is the one with the Lambrusco that with its sapidity and the fresh scents of fruit enhances the flavour and the aromas of this tasty deli meat.

The versatility of mortadella makes it the perfect match with a mixture of Levoni deli meats and the sweet and sour mixed pickled vegetables prepared with fresh vegetables. Delicious with grilled roasted peppers and with the pear compote that creates a truly harmonious flavour; even pineapples, kiwis and apples are perfect fruits to accompany mortadella. To be tried grilled in pasta with asparagus, as Neapolitan tradition dictates.

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