The exclusive speciality of San Daniele del Friuli, with its unmistakable guitar shape and trotter. Slices of a wonderful pinkish red, sparsely interspersed with pure white streaks. Delightful and satisfying, its curing cultivates an ever richer and more intriguing bouquet of aromas and scents. It reaches peak curing at 24 months, with a dry, heady scent that captivates the nose with hints of hazelnut. Savoury and fragrant on the palate, it reveals all the nobility and refinement of its ageing.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 114)

1145 kj 275 kcal
19 g
of which saturates
6,5 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
26 g
4,4 g

History and
interesting facts

The Prosciutto di San Daniele PDO has a very ancient history that has its origins in 400 BC. The production follows a strict Production Regulations Document that sets forth origin, feeding of the pigs and all the phases of the processing. Unique for the presence of the foot. Levoni offers the 18- and 24-month Reserve version.


The slice in the muscular part is pinkish red, with white or pinkish-white streaks ("marbling"). The covering fat is white and compact. The aroma is delicate and can become more persistent if the product is very matured. The flavour is well balanced between the sweet note and the typical aromas of matured meat, with the result of a very round and particularly pleasant taste sensation.

Once the product has been trimmed, cut into very thin slices using a slicer or by hand. The art of knife cutting is always extraordinary.

Pairing and Wines

We suggest classic combinations such as melon, figs, burrata or mozzarella cheese, butter curls, special types of bread and breadsticks. Excellent on bread with oil and shredded fresh tomato skin deprived of the skin or with a salad of spinach.

A classic pairing is with Friuli Colli Orientali CDO Friulano, a wine with a slightly aromatic, intense aroma and spicy notes. It is soft, persistent, with fruity sensations reminiscent of ripe pear on the palate.

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