Originating in a territory with an ideal climate, thanks to the dry Versilia breeze that gently descends from the Apennine Mountains, it is recognizable for its round, trotter-less form, slices pleasantly framed by milky white fat. It has mildly seasoned aromas and a delicate flavour. As its curing progresses, it acquires curing cellar scents and other complex, intense aromas. At its peak curing of 24 months, it offers a virtuous harmony of olfactory perceptions, with mild, fragrant aromas. On the palate, it resounds with sweet and soft flavours exalting seasoned notes.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 137)

1108 kj 266 kcal
18 g
of which saturates
6,1 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
26 g
4,4 g

History and
interesting facts

Prosciutto di Parma DOP boasts a history that can be traced back to the Roman era. The entire processing follows strict production regulations and takes place in an extremely limited area of ​​the province of Parma which - due to its climate conditions - allows the natural maturation that gives sweetness and flavour to the product. Levoni offers the 20-month and 24-month Riserva version.


Cut slice of pink/red color, white, pure white fat, required to keep the prosciutto soft, the aroma is strong, persistent, and when cut it must be curved soft. The flavour is sweet and flavorsome - expression of a century-old craftsmanship.

Once the product has been trimmed, cut into very thin slices by means of a slicer or by hand. The art of knife cutting is always extraordinary.

Pairing and Wines

Ideal eaten on its own, it can be paired with fruit such as melon, figs, mango or with special types of bread, homemade breadsticks, toasted bread with butter curls.

Excellent with the Reggiano DOC Lambrusco with a typically sparkling spirit, with a bouquet that ranges from fruity to floral; the aromas are found in the mouthfeel, where they harmonise freshness, fragrance and richness.

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