Intriguing fragrances infused with a light aromatic character, enhanced by patient cooking. Rounded and balanced on the palate, part savoury, part sweet, with a roasted accent.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 207)

989 kj 238 kcal
18 g
of which saturates
7 g
1 g
of which sugars
1 g
18 g
1,4 g

History and
interesting facts

In ancient Rome, pork legs used to be boiled in water and herbs and spices. The recipe of cooked ham seen as a sort of "big roast" cooked in a pot dates back to those times. As the story goes that the legionaries have acquired the first ideas on the preparation of cooked ham from the Gauls, Lombards and other barbarian populations. Today, the cooked ham is present on the market with three names under the ministerial decree: cooked ham, selected cooked ham and high quality cooked ham, which also determine its quality level.


Cooked Ham Corona Magnum comes from very large, impressive legs. It looks beautiful, rosy, with a slice in which the muscular bundles are clearly distinguished. Its aroma extends to the nostrils: intoxicating, delicate and at the same time persistent with hints of herbs from the vegetable garden. Upon tasting a pleasant texture releasing sapidity and sweetness, balance of flavours and aromas with an unmistakable note of final roundness emerges.

Remove the part of the rind that has previously been cut, place the Cooked Ham Corona Magnum in a slicer, making it adhere well to the blade, and cut it to a thickness of 1mm. It can also be diced, cut into strips or in thicker slices.

Pairing and Wines

A good Cooked Ham of High Quality like Corona Magnum is delicious inside an Arabian bread, perhaps enriched with artichokes in extra virgin olive oil and - for those having a sweet tooth - a very light layer of mascarpone cheese. To try also the mousse that is prepared by blending cooked ham and cow's milk ricotta to obtain a cream, add two tablespoons of fresh cream and one of brandy, and complete with salt and pepper; excellent for decorating wholemeal croutons, biscuits, Belgian endive leaves, to stuff the rolls and fill the crepes.

The cooked ham, which is characterised by delicacy and sweetness, is perfect with an equally delicate, fine wine. We propose, especially with the mousse, a charmat method wine; Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene GCDO. A combination that, without a doubt, enhances and underlines the aromas and roundness of this fine deli meat.

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