A gentle fragrance of garlic harmonised with balsamic notes. On tasting, the garlic is delicate with an agreeable echo of pepper at the end.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 332)

2162 kj 524 kcal
52 g
of which saturates
21 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
14 g
3,2 g

History and
interesting facts

The pancetta - as the name implies - is made with the belly of the pig, and it is used for different recipes: stretched pancetta, rolled up, degreased, coppate, smoked. It is also used to make salami paste, lard, grepole (pressed cakes of fatty pork) or greaves.


The pancetta is pinkish white, with red streaks in the leanest parts. The aroma is gently reminiscent of garlic, and pepper and clover are immediately perceived. The flavor is sweet, sharp and at the same time delightfully soft and round.
The pancetta must be sliced thinly (1 mm) in a meat slicer, after removing the outer casing.

Pairing and Wines

The rolled skinned pancetta pancetta with garlic pairs well with a soft white wine, also sparkling. The more the dish in which it is used becomes impressive, the more the wine must have tenacious and complex characteristics to support the sharp flavours of the recipes.

The garlic pancetta is excellent in the lukewarm “soffiata” bread - a crunchy bread with little crumbs, but it is wonderfully also paired with polenta, both fresh and grilled. In the preparation of vegetables such as peas, artichokes, red radicchio, it is a key ingredient to enrich the flavours. The spaghetti with pancetta, olives and capers are delightsome, but a delicious pasta is also prepared with pancetta cooked in a pan with citrus peel. Also perfect as mirepoix and soup base or crisp to garnish the pumpkin or beans cream.

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