Simple aromas charm with hints of pepper and cinnamon. A flavour softened by paprika.


Nutritional values ​for 100g of product (Art. 27)

1794 kj 433 kcal
37 g
of which saturates
14 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
25 g
3,8 g

History and
interesting facts

The Hungarian salami was precisely born in Hungary in 1800, and it is with this specialty that Levoni won the gold medal at the international exhibition "Modern Arts & Industry in London in 1913. Salami Amabile is the non-smoked version of the Hungarian one, a delicious, delicate recipe for palates who love "subtle" flavours.


Take-away salami, well-fitting casing covered with clear moulds. The slice of very fine grain boasts a beautiful red colour, made more lively by sweet paprika. Already upon slicing it releases a good persistent, inebriating aroma that reveals its sharp character; maturation and spices blend in an unmistakable fragrance. The flavour is intense and complex, for true connoisseurs.

Remove the moulds, then remove the casing and consume cut into slices a little thick with a knife. Brought to the table on a wooden board with slices of homemade bread is always a success.

Pairing and Wines

The wine that best matches with salami remains the Lambrusco, characteristic for its fresh notes and its sparkling temperament. Also excellent is a Refosco: a wine with a good structure, with a fragrant bouquet characterised by hints of blackberry and licorice.

Bread and salami! The simplicity of the combination guarantees to fully enjoy our Levonetto.In today's culinary scene, we always look for new pairings, sometimes forced, sometimes extravagant, sometimes very appropriate, we propose to combine it with melon: delicious fruit, rich in vitamins, very refreshing, with a good sweet taste that creates a perfect contrast with the strong character of the Levonetto.

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