Valle d’Itria Igt Verdeca

Fresh, captivating, very fragrant, with a pleasant aromatic note that tempers the light smoking to become tantalizingly moreish.

This wine makes a good pairing with Smoked Filone.
This Filone is aromatized in brine and smoked using a natural method. On cutting it shows a soft pinkish texture. The taste is delicate and appetising.

Matches also with Dried Canosa Sausage.
Of Apulian origin, the dried Canosa sausage has a very large grain and lean mix with compact texture. Thanks to the chilli pepper and fennel seeds, the flavour is distinctive, mild and slightly spicy at the same time. The spicing in the mix is, however, very delicate. It is characterised by the traditional “U” shape. It does not contain gluten and lactose