Langhe Doc Nebbiolo

Young and vibrant thanks to its tannin content and softness, and balanced in its ethereal but never overpowering fruity and spicy tones.

It matches perfectly with Ungherese Gold Medal.
Delicately smoked with just a hint of paprika, this has a mild, rounded flavour that is very pleasant to the palate, with a fine balance between sweet and aromatic.

The Product
Ungherese Medaglia d’Oro

Ungherese Medaglia d’Oro

The line Medaglia d’oro Levoni is the highest expression of the traditional Italian delicatessen. Trotter, Sausage, Mortadella, Salami, ham and other delicacies all produced with one flesh of pigs born and bred in Italy, only natural flavors and all the skill of those who make sausages for over 100 years.