Colli di Parma Doc Malvasia

Wine to be enjoyed in the immediacy of its dry version, whether still, sparkling or ‘spumante’. Its perfume is captivating with a fragrant aromatic note; on the palate it has superb freshness and pleasant nuances.
The after-taste is savoury and light with a significant slightly bitter finale.

It matches perfectly with Strolghino di Culatello.
Obtained from lean trimmings of Culatello and flakes of ham, it takes its name from strolga, which in dialect means “seer”, since it was used to predict progress in maturing larger sizes of salami. Strolghino, to be consumed when young, is lean with a delicate and above all mild flavour.

It makes an interesting pairing with Coppa Gold Medal.
Coppa is a matured, dry-cured cold cut typical of northern Italy, prepared using the muscles of the pig’s neck. Gold Medal coppa is enveloped in natural casing and completely tied with twine by hand. The taste is mild and delicate.

The Product
Coppa Medaglia d’Oro

Coppa Medaglia d’Oro

The line Medaglia d’oro Levoni is the highest expression of the traditional Italian delicatessen. Trotter, Sausage, Mortadella, Salami, ham and other delicacies all produced with one flesh of pigs born and bred in Italy, only natural flavors and all the skill of those who make sausages for over 100 years.