Castel del Monte Doc Rosato

Black Bombino grapes give this wine a fresh perfumed palate, inviting an encounter with its freshness and slightly acidic dry notes.

Makes a good pairing with Capocollo Napoletano.
Aromatized with chilli and paprika, Capocollo is packed in natural casing, hand-tied with thick string and pressed between two sticks of bamboo. The texture is soft, the taste savoury and hot with light natural smokiness.

Makes a good pairing with Dried Canosa Sausage.
Of Apulian origin, the dried Canosa sausage has a very large grain and lean mix with compact texture. Thanks to the chilli pepper and fennel seeds, the flavour is distinctive, mild and slightly spicy at the same time. The spicing in the mix is, however, very delicate. It is characterised by the traditional “U” shape. It does not contain gluten and lactose.