Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc

This wine should be taken without a long maturation, when the fruit is still nicely present and its taste emerges with olfactory notes of rich and fleshy cherry, but still alive in its final tannic note. Equally superb is Cerasuolo.

Recommended pairing is Salami Abruzzese.
A fine grain salami from the ancient tradition of the Abruzzo region. The bright red colour of the slice comes from the minced meats in the mix, spiced with plenty of black peppercorns. The flavour is decidedly spicy.

It also makes an interesting pairing with Matured Lombetto.
This deli meat product is typical of the Umbria region; it is matured in natural casings and accurately tied by hand. Lombetto is flavoured adding wine and natural spices to pork meat. Its taste is mild and slightly spicy. When slicing, its texture is tender even at the end of its lengthy maturation process.
It does not contain gluten and lactose.

Only from pigs born and bred in Italy.