Lambrusco Mantovano Doc

A refined wine, vinous, fruity, soft, sufficiently fresh, with little tannin but savoury and decidedly grease-cutting to go well with ciccioli.

This wine makes a good pairing with Ciccioli Mantovani.
Ciccioli Mantovani (pork cracklings) are a typical by-product from processing pork meat in the countryside near Mantua. Pancetta trimmings are cut into small pieces and allowed to cook slowly in copper cauldrons. Once they have cooled and been pressed, they take on a crispy texture with a golden colour. They are extremely savoury and fanciful and are eaten as a starter or aperitif.

Matches also with Thick plain Lardo di Castellucchio
Thick salted lard is an ancient speciality that Levoni has been making since the early 1900s. It is a very thick lard obtained from heavy pigs bred in Italy. The lengthy maturation period determines its delicate taste. It does not contain gluten and lactose.

Recommended pairing is also Salami Mantovano del Po.
Fairly coarse-cut salami with a precise but at the same time delicate, mild, and highly perfumed flavour, with decisive hints of red wine.

It makes an interesting pairing with Vecchia Osteria Medaglia d’Oro.