Colli Orientali del Friuli Doc Schioppettino

To be used as an accompaniment when still young, when it exhibits a character that is decisive, fresh, acid, dry and well structured with hints of blackberry and black pepper.

It matches perfectly with High Quality Corona Praga Cooked Ham with bone.
A delicate hint of smokiness, and a rounded soft flavour are the main characteristics of this ham with its Mitteleuropean taste, a jewel of top-class gastronomy.

The Product
Alta Qualità Medaglia d’Oro Praga con osso

Alta Qualità Medaglia d’Oro Praga con osso

The line Medaglia d’oro Levoni is the highest expression of the traditional Italian delicatessen. Trotter, Sausage, Mortadella, Salami, ham and other delicacies all produced with one flesh of pigs born and bred in Italy, only natural flavors and all the skill of those who make sausages for over 100 years.