Spicy Salami Schiacciata & Cerchiara Bread

salame schiacciata piccante + pane di cerchiara

It comes from Calabria. Looking at the slice, the low-fat and fat parts, cut with the knife, can be clearly distinguished. The colour tends to brick red and the shape is typically flattened. When cut, the sweet fragrance of chili pepper and paprika can be perceived, combined with the scent of the small deli artisan shops and balsamic notes. The taste opens sweet and the gradually improves and closes with strong spicy hints, still not invasive, where the wild fennel tucks in, whose small seeds are perceived in fact in the slice. The cut should be slight and the advised coupling is with the classic Calabrian bread of Cerchiara, an arts craft of the Calabrian bread making, whose secrets are entrusted to women.