Corallina Salami & Lariano Bread

salame corallina + pane di lariano

Typical salami of the old butcher’s art tradition of Umbria, still very spread in Rome. The mixture, finely ground, is cured with salt and pepper in grains. Almost one meter long, sturdy and lumpy, the Corallina shows a very thin texture, with large curvy lines given by the fat sections.
The colour is a strong ruby red. The scent unveils fragrant sensations, whose effect is immediate, and balanced with the spiced hints. The taste is succulent, harmonious, strong and persistent, pleasant and soft when chewed.
The slice should be cut thin and oblique. The suggested combination is that with Lariano bread, well known around the Castelli Romani area. It is produced with natural yeast and soft semi-wheat flour, easy to find all around Italy in similar versions.