Agerolino Salami & San Sebastiano bread

salame agerolino + pane di san sebastiano

The salami of Agerola or Agerolino is one of the typical products of the Campania gastronomy, precious as far as the quality of the meat is concerned, worked by hand with the knife and put into natural casing. The outer layer of the salami is washed to enlighten the red colour of the meats.
The smell recalls the light scents of the smoking process, with traces of the Mediterranean scrub. The taste introduces balance and fragrance, along with solid meat consistency and a velvet softness.
The slices, that should be cut oblique, show a large grain, soft and coloured in wine red. San Sebastiano bread, typical from the Vesuvio area, is a perfect match. As an alternative, we can taste it with a homemade bread baked in wood-burning oven, a light bread with a thick and crispy crust.