Mantovano Salami with garlic & Mantua small loaves

salame mantovano con aglio+panini mantovani

Linked to the renowned and ancient peasant tradition of Mantua, this salami is put into natural casing and tied by hand. The meat, worked out as per tradition, is ground into a medium grain mixture. The slice, that has soft and well mixed consistency, shows off a Venetian red colour spotted by small lard white and rose cubes.
The pepper and the fresh garlic, fragmented evenly during the curing with red wine, can be perceived clearly, without being however invasive and without altering the balance between taste and smell, that recalls winy hints and invites to further tastings.
This salami finds its perfect match with the fragrance of the classic small loaves of Mantua, with their crispy and dry crust and soft crumb.