salsiccia stag napoli piccante + pane integrale

Spicy seasoned Napoli sausage & wheat bread

Smoked naturally and put into natural sausage casings it is a symbol of Campania pork-butcher’s art. Its colour has the nuances of the sangria. The mixture has medium-large grain and thick texture. The first smell is that of burned wood, then follows paprika and chili pepper. The taste is Mediterranean, with precise spicy hints that […]

salsiccia stag napoli + pane d'orzo

Seasoned Napoli sausage & barley bread

Put into natural sausage casings as per tradition, it shows a carmine red colour. It remains compact when sliced, with medium-large mixture grain. Aromas are well balanced, as sweetness combines with floral notes and hints of moss. The taste reveals the light natural smoked feature, along with a mild and savoury sapidity. The barley bread, […]

salsiccia stag mediterranea + taralli calabresi

Spicy seasoned Mediterranean Sausage & Calabrian Taralli

It comes from Calabria. The typical U shape recalls the tradition that during the flavouring process includes chili pepper and strong paprika in properly mixed quantity. The mixture is made up of low-fat meats grinded in medium-large grain. The slice is burned red-orange and the smell recalls paprika and precious woods aromas, thanks to the […]

salsiccia stag canosa + pane di altamura

Seasoned Canosa Sausage & Altamura bread

Coming from Puglia, the seasoned Canosa sausage’s slice has a very large grain and low-fat mixture with compact consistency. Fennel has a prevalent smell, to which follows the sweet taste of chili pepper, combining harmoniously with the meat. The taste resembles the smell sensations, and is featured by a balanced combination between sweet and spicy, […]

salame ventricina + ciambella mediterranea

Ventricina Salami & Mediterranean Ciambella

Ventricina is a typical product coming from Abruzzo and Molise. It is made up of low-fat meat, grinded in large grain, and of diced bacon. The orange-red slice unveils distinctively the fat and low-fat sections. The fragrance reaches vigorously to the nose, recalling the fresh baked bread and the fresh mosses or moulds of the […]

salame vecchia osteria+schiacciata mantovana

Vecchia Osteria Salami & Schiacciata Mantovana

Worked out as per tradition, put into natural sausage casings and tied by hand, it unveils at first sight its rural origins. When cut it shows a soft mixture, crimson red with irregular white dots. The intense and inviting smell recalls the fragrance of garlic curing, of wine and pepper, along with lucerne and nettle. […]

salame ungherese+pane ai semi di papavero

Hungarian Salami & Poppy-seed Bread

The mild aroma of sweet paprika and that of the slight, absolutely natural, smoking process, introduce a salami that, since more than one hundred years, is a flagship of Levoni. The compact slice is red coloured like the sun during sunset. Fat and low-fat parts show even intertwined dots. The smell is round and recalls […]

salame toscano + pane di patate

Tuscan Salami & Potato Bread

Born in the ancient Siena pork-butcher’s art. Put into natural sausage casings, it has a round and large shape. The slice, very tight, unveils the presence of the white lard cubes set like pearls into the deep red of the meat. Notes of scented hay of the mountains can be perceived, accordingly with black pepper […]

salame strolghino di culatello + piccoli panini al naturale

Strolghino di Culatello Salami & Small Natural Buns

Obtained from the trimmings of Culatello, the cut has a medium-large ground meat in amaranth red colour. Short diameter, wrapped up by a slight natural sausage casing, that preserves a refined fragrance. The smell presents hints of balsamic scents together with those of meat, and traces of hop sprout. Its best quality is the soft […]

salame soppressa veneta_aglio + ciabattina veneta

Venetian Sopressa with Garlic & Venetian Ciabattina

This is a salami strongly bounded with culture and local gastronomic traditions of the peasants. Put into natural sausage skins, it has a large marking, and the cut shows a rose colour inclined to red, with low-fat and fat parts evenly distributed. Pepper, nutmeg and garlic create together an olfactory balance that can be perceived […]

salame soppressa_veneta senza aglio+ bastone veneto

Venetian Sopressa without Garlic & Venetian Bastone

Spread all around Veneto in different versions, its name comes from the Occitan word “saupressaudo” that means “salted and pressed”. The mixture, of a medium grain, put into natural casing, preserves the fragrance, whose smell suggests rural features and hints of hay and aromatic herbs. This reference to nature and countryside calls back when tasted, […]

salame scudetto + rustichella

Scudetto Salami & Rustichella

The flattened shape of this salami allows to have perfectly oval slices, that will be cut slightly, to emphasise at best the soft consistency of the mixture, made up of low-fat ham meats finely ground. The smell guides us towards hints of freshness in the beginning, extending to those of the fading wild rose. The […]

salame milano + michetta milanese

Milano Salami & Michetta Milanese

Known all over the world, this salami has in its rice-type grinding its personal feature. The thin ground shows in the slice a number of little red and white stars, distributed evenly and united solidly. The fresh fragrance, inspired by the sweet almond, suggests the smells of the best ham, and a distinctive aromatic flavour. […]

salame schiacciata romana + sfilatino

Schiacciata Romana Salami & Sfilatino

Coming from the Roman countryside, the Schiacciata is obtained by working out low-fat meats finely ground, mixed with lard cubes and black pepper in grains. It is then placed in appropriate “cages” during the drying period, that bestow the typical flat and long shape. The colour tends to the bright red of the fresh meat. […]

salame schiacciata piccante + pane di cerchiara

Spicy Salami Schiacciata & Cerchiara Bread

It comes from Calabria. Looking at the slice, the low-fat and fat parts, cut with the knife, can be clearly distinguished. The colour tends to brick red and the shape is typically flattened. When cut, the sweet fragrance of chili pepper and paprika can be perceived, combined with the scent of the small deli artisan […]