The Production Process

The one thing that strikes all visitors when they enter the Castellucchio plant is the way innovation and tradition, technology and craft skills are combined in perfect harmony right through the production process, inspired by the passion and care Ezechiello instilled in his successors – the wonderful heritage the company now enjoys.
The production process is carried out with painstaking precision, and follows well-established traditions.
The deli maets, for example, are patiently allowed to mature in their own time and follow the natural rhythms.


Several makings are still carried out by hand.

Levoni still believes it is the human touch that creates excellent products, so expert hands and eyes decide when a cut of meat is mature.
The smoking process is just as important.
In the early ‘ 900, Ezechiello Levoni went up to Dalmatia to learn the art and secrets of smoking meat developed by the traditional producers under the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
All our DOP hams have at least 13 months of aging.


All our DOP hams have at least 13 months of aging.

This is when he realized the importance of choosing the right wood and, back in Italy, he devised his own method of selecting a precise mixture of mountain woods.
The same method, exclusively natural, which is still used nowadays for all smoked sausages.
The result? A delicacy and roundness on the palate that have no equal.


Braziers for smoking of Hungarian salami.