The production chain

What hides behind “a few slices of salami?”

Inspection of the production chain, selection of breeds, ancient recipes and earnest choice of ingredients and natural rhythms. The challenge of Levoni is that of combining warranties and industrial security standards with the accuracy and passion towards the product which is typical of the craftsman processes. The transformation of the pig is only the last link in a production chain that starts with the study of the best breed. This is possible thanks to the establishment, more than 50 years ago with the partner Sereni, of a structure of excellence, in which the genetics of the animals is analysed to ensure the quality of breeding and piglets, but even their nutrition and growth environment.

Equally important is the slaughter stage, that Levoni entrusts to Mec Carni, one of the most advanced factories in this field, where every week about 13 thousands units transit, out of which 30% is dispatched to Levoni.

The care in the selection and dosage of the ingredients, is also an authentic flagship of the Levoni production. Spices and herbs are ground and worked out on the spot right before they are added to the mixture. Every product respects very precise baking, smoking and curing periods, for a final top quality result.