The Levoni company

Who we are

The name Levoni conjures up a tradition where mouthwatering aromas uniquely combine with distinctive flavours to create truly exceptional Salumi. Levoni Salumi, prime quality deli meats, are indeed “Quelli Buoni”, that is, “The Good Ones”. Because right from the creation of their very first salami, the Levoni family has refused to compromise on quality.

The mission

Today, the fourth generation of the Levoni family has just one mission – to make sure that everyone who tastes Levoni Salumi continues to agree that they are, as always, “Quelli Buoni”! It is a reputation to be proud of, and they have earned it by never relenting in their search for excellence. The results are clear for all to see… and taste! Today Levoni produces a wide range of Salumi, all of the highest quality – and keeps alive the great Italian traditions. They maintain the craft quality of their products while working with industrial volumes and all the guarantees this entails. And that is an achievement of which Ezechiello would be proud.
The main sales outlets for Levoni products have always been the best delicatessens, butcher’s shops and speciality food stores. They all share Levoni’s passion for quality, so they have a special appreciation of Levoni Salumi, “Quelli Buoni”. Levoni knows just how high its clients’ professional standards are, and has always committed itself to guaranteeing them the best possible product, service and assistance. Everything in the Levoni company is done with quality in mind. The marketing office, sales team and agent network are passionately proud of their work, making sure that orders are filled in correctly and delivered on time.

Levoni also uses its own delivery fleet to guarantee punctuality and efficiency, directly serving almost the whole of northern Italy and part of central Italy. For the rest of the country Levoni uses rapid, highly professional transport companies to make sure its products are delivered as swiftly and punctually as possible, under the best possible storage conditions.

Ties to territory

Mantua is the undisputed leader of pig breeding in Lombardy, the first province for the number of pigs bred and also for the number of abattoirs and slaughtered animals.
The high pork quality of Mantua pigs is confirmed by the fact that pork legs are destined to the production of PDO Parma and San Daniele Hams.
Mantua is said to have a ratio of three to five pigs for every inhabitant.

The Mantua agricultural system, which is associated to a remarkable food processing industry, can be considered one of the most advanced of the EU, thanks to its high productivity, high technology and high levels of company investments.