Recipes and cold cuts

You will find here a selection of exclusive and refined recipes, standing out for their specialty, that will satisfy your guests with fanciful dishes, perfect for every occasion.

Have a look at these tasty and creative recipes with seasonal ingredients.
By Gianfranco Allari, Mimì Galassi and by the newsroom of Vinibuoni d’Italia.


Take the horse meat slices and lay over each of them a layer of ham steak and Ciaciocavallo cheese, distributing the ingredients equally. Roll up the slices and secure them with a tooth stick. Lay over each wrap a leaf of sage and secure it with another tooth stick. Arrange all wraps on an oiled […]


Clean the artichokes cutting off the outermost fibrous leaves, cut the tips and open the leaves to take off the “hairs” that cover the artichoke heart. Once they are cleaned, put them gradually in a pot filled with water and some lemon juice, put salt and boil for about 5 minutes. Take off the pot […]


First of all, clean the swordfish, eliminate the skin and the fishbones, then dry and cut the flesh into 8 small dices. Dress them with a pinch of salt and dry chili pepper according to your personal taste. Wrap a half slice of ham around each piece of swordfish, lay a sage leaf over it […]

barchette tramezzino alta def

These sandwiches are great for a party and in addition to boats, you will also be able to prepare small cars or what your imagination suggests you. Ask your helper to mix the cooked ham with spreadable cheese in a mixer until obtaining a smooth cream. Divide each slice of bread into four squares, then […]

biscottoni con coriandoli di wurstel alta defin

Once you have weighed all the ingredients with the help of your cooking assistant, pour the flour with the salt in a bowl, add the grated cheese, the rosemary and mix well. Now you have to add the butter in small pieces and with the help of a fork smash it well to form many […]

bruschetta con wurstel alta def

First, arrange the bread slices on a baking tray covered with baking paper. Spread each slice of bread with the tomato sauce and then add the frankfurter cut in slices, the mozzarella and flavour with a few oregano. Ask your helper to put it in the oven at 200° degrees for 10 minutes. And here […]


In a pan, fry the oil together with ham and onion cut into thin strips, add some nutmeg. Cut into pieces the lamb, cover these with flour, fry first and then cover with broth. As soon as the liquid will be evaporated, add the wine, then put salt and pepper and cook at low flame. […]


Wrap the bacon around the meat. Dispose two sage leaves over each fillet making them stick to the meat, and secure with a twine. Clean the spring onions and cut each one of them into four pieces. Stew them in a non-stick pan with butter and oil, put salt and leave them on the flame […]