Canapé of Quarantine potatoes with prawn of Sanremo rolled up in Pancetta Steccata Contadina Levoni

  • Preparation:
  • Difficulty: Bassa

  • 16 prawns of Sanremo
  • 60 g Pancetta Steccata Contadina
  • 2 Quarantine potatoes of Genova
  • 50 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon of freeze-dried garlic
  • salt, pepper and mint

Prepare an emulsion with oil, salt, pepper, freeze-dried garlic and mint.
Clean the prawns eliminating the head, the shell and the black filament, and put them in the bowl with the oil. Let them flavour for about 30 minutes. Take the prawns and roll them up in the Pancetta Steccata Contadina, one by one.
Brown the prawns on both sides for about one minute.
Cut into slices the stewed potatoes and pan-fry them in the same pan where you cooked the prawns.
Lay down one prawn over each potato and put the potato slices on the platter.
Decorate with a mint leaf and serve them warm.

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