Little chefs in the kitchen with Levoni

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  • Difficulty: Bassa
Little chefs in the kitchen with Levoni


Here are some tips to bear in mind when cooking:

1) first of all, it is really important to count on an/to dispose of a kitchen assistant, like your mum, dad, your older brother or sister, that will help you during the most difficult steps;

2) you should always wash your hands very carefully with water and soap, and if you have long hair your should comb them in a ponytail;

3) wear an apron or a white t-shirt and keep at hand some dishcloths to clean your hands or the cutting board;
4) read carefully the recipe and make sure that you have understood all its steps;

5) check the ingredients, measure and prepare them on the table;

6) be very careful when using knives: if you don’t feel confident in this task ask your assistant for some help. If you decide to do it yourself, remember to keep focused and calm;

7) do not touch any pot on the cooker: even the steam can burn! Let your assistant grab the baking pans for you from the oven;
8) do not use any electrical appliance like a mixer or a blender without your assistant;

9) stick to the resting times indicated in the recipes when you need to let your dish rest and dry;

10) once you have finished, remember to clean the kitchen.

And now some tips for the kitchen assistants:

1) try to be always present when it comes to use sharp utensils; don’t let your little chefs get close to the cooker or grab a pot by themselves. Make sure to turn the pot or pan handle to the side in order to avoid warm food to be pulled down or knocked over;

2) try to involve your kids in the preparation of the recipe, giving them also some information about the ingredients used. It is important that young chefs get used to taste the food they are preparing and therefore discover new tastes and combinations;

3) be patient if some flour falls on the floor, or if the chocolate spills out of the cup: children need to feel free to try, mess up and experiment.

It will be a great experience, even if the kitchen becomes a mess!

Recipes by Gianfranco Allari

Photos by Paola Chizzini

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