Little chefs in the kitchen with Levoni

Here are some tips to bear in mind when cooking: 1) first of all, it is really important to count on an/to dispose of a kitchen assistant, like your mum, dad, your older brother or sister, that will help you during the most difficult steps; 2) you should always wash your hands very carefully with […]

tripla piadina con prosciutto cotto e verdure alta def

Triple piadina wraps with ham and vegetables

As always prepare the ingredients on the table, ask your helper to take care of the cooking of the vegetables and once cold chop them, but be really careful … if you don’t feel experienced enough use a plastic knife. Put potatoes in a bowl with half diced emmental cheese and half Parmesan cheese. Flavour […]

super toast con salame ungherese patate e noci alta def

Super toast with Hungarian salami, potatoes and nuts

First of all ask your helper to boil the potatoes, then once cold remove the peel and cut them out into not too thin slices. Cover the baking tray with a piece of baking paper, then place the slices of bread one next to the other so as to create a single layer. In a […]

riccio spiedino 2 alta def

Hedgehog skewer

Chop the mortadella and cheese into dices of the same size, divide the sausage into 5 parts and dry well the mozzarella from water conservation. Start assembling the skewers, alternating the various ingredients. Stick a toothpick in the carrot and stick it at the base of the bun: this will be the nose of our […]

pesce wurstelino alta defin

“Frankfurter” fish

These strange fishes are living in faraway seas and are difficult to catch, because they know they are so delicious! Ask your helper to give you a hand to prepare the ingredients and boil the potatoes. First of all you must prepare the dough. Pour into a bowl the flour with the salt, sugar and […]

panino del contadino alta def

Farmer’s sandwich

“What a strange bun” or “never eaten the salami with pears” you will wonder .. but you will see that once you have tasted it you will like it a lot, you will even have to be careful that your assistant doesn’t steal it from you! Pour the cheese in a bowl, then add the […]

muffin maialino alta def

“Piglet” muffin

Ask your helper to steam the pumpkin, cool it and melt the butter, then prepare together the ingredients on the workbench. First of all you have to mix the eggs with the Parmesan cheese until mixture is smooth, pour the lukewarm melted butter and milk, then add the smashed pumpkin and mix well. Now it […]

mini cheese cake con prosciutto cotto e zucchine alta def

Mini cheesecake with ham and zucchini

Prepare this recipe together with your cook assistant: while he melts the butter and pan-fries the sliced zucchini, you unwrap the crackers and put them in a bag, that you keep it tightly closed with one hand while with the other you will smash them with the help of a rolling pin to reduce them […]

girandole con prosciutto e formaggio

Ham and cheese windmills

First of all prepare all the ingredients with your helper on the working table, then pour the flour into a bowl, form a large crater, like a volcano. Now put on the external side of the volcano the salt and in its centre the sugar, crumbled yeast and a little water: with one hand lightly […]

frittatine con mortadella alta def

Mini omelettes with mortadella

First ask your assistant to turn on the oven to 180° and grease well the moulds. In the meantime pour in a bowl the grana cheese, a good pinch of salt and flour, then merge the eggs one by one, stirring with the whisk before adding the next one. Finally pour the milk a little […]