Our Deli Masters

The exclusive project called “Il Maialino d’Agento”, created in 2008 and organised for 3 consecutive years involving more than 1.000 deli masters, has reached the goal: to provide the deli shop owners with knowledge and instruments to become real consultants for their customers.
The themes of the course sessions were the following:

  • deli meat tasting techniques (to develop skills of analysis and evaluation of the products throughout the senses)
  • product layout (to show off at best the products in the shops, considering aesthetic, economic and psychological factors of the buyer)
  • communicating with the customer (to make communication more effective in each phase of the selling conversation: welcome, diagnosis of the customer, product presentation, overcoming a buyer’s objections, goodbye)
  • economic management of the shop (instruments and strategies to improve the revenue)
  • marketing and promotion

Of the 1000 participants all over Italy, 500 attendees received the Maestro Salumiere diploma, a reward that certifies their membership in a selected group of professionals, pursuing quality, research and customer satisfaction. After the seminar, all the teachings and suggestions have been collected in the guide “How to manage a grocery”, edited by Franco Angeli.