Chef and Levoni cold cuts

A centenary history that has been handed down for four generations: a ball of thread that winds up tastes, flavours, consistencies, and that unrolls with the passing of time, intertwining father and son, uniting quality and certifications in a knot more and more tight. Levoni has grown up from simple small shop to a business with international aspiration, throughout changing times, passing people, and improvements to be touched and tasted.

A journey that lead chefs and evaluators of the “quelli buoni” cold cuts to Australia, in the young and advanced Sidney, in places like “Ventuno”, where the chef Roberto Taffuri prepares rice pies inside a Prosciutto di San Daniele wrapping.
Not far from the Opera House, crossing the Asian borders, the preference for rice and spices is now matched with the full flavour of the Mortadella Bologna with pistachio nuts and with the softness of the Cotto Corona. This happens for example in the recently opened restaurants of Singapore, led by Italian chefs like Osvaldo Forlino, appraised by the Michelin guide and owner of the No Menu restaurant, and Valentino Valtulina, in whose namesake restaurant a selection of Levoni cold cuts enriches the long list of starters and pizzas.
The thread that connects the tradition of Collucchio with more than 50 countries in the world, leads us to Hong Kong, where the Levoni cold cuts are delivered since more than 10 years, to flavour the dishes of some of the most important luxury restaurants, like the panoramic “Isola” where started the friendship with Gianni Caprioli, travel chef for high profile personalities such as Gianni Agnelli, Chief Executive and consultant for fine dining.

Another outstanding Italian chef in the Asian panorama is Michele Gulizzi, coming from Palermo, former chef at the Buco Restaurant, at the Sette Moma and the Giovanni’s Atrium in New York, and now working at the Opera Restaurant of the Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel, a majestic five stars Vietnamese restaurant that interprets the local preference for the Prosciutto di Parma and for the Levoni salamis (from the classic Milano to the spicy Napoli Forte Sausage), coupling them with refined wines from Tuscany, Umbria and of course Sicily.

Equally charming is the Indian Hemant Oberoi, personal chef of royals and chiefs of state, and Executive Grand Chef of the Taj Mahal Palace & Towers in Bombay; as well as our Giorgio Locatelli, born in Varese, serving and interpreting the Levoni cold cuts in the Ronda Locatelli restaurant, in the majestic Atlantis The Palm of Dubai.
A remarkable case is that of Leonardo Concezzi, who departing from the countryside of Umbria crossed the threshold of every continent, bringing in each place the Italian style from Miami to Melbourne, from Dubai to Damascus, until he stopped at the St. Regis of Bankok, a pearl of the hotellerie in Thailand, where the products Levoni such as Mortadella, Parma hamVerona salami are always available.

The restaurant industry is made up of tracks, paths and sometimes of real coincidences: a lunch with a friend, a suggestion, the word of mouth, and in a minute something happens. That’s what happened to Sirio Maccioni, restaurateur and cornerstone of the exclusive Le Cirque of New York – meeting place of the American jet set, who became fond of the Po Valley cold cuts and decided to make it one of his specialties, building with Levoni a strong friendship, also thanks to the middle-person Miriam Leonardi of the Trattoria La Buca di Zibello.
From New York to the Old Continent, this network of relationships covers a great part of the world, and builds connections even in Great Britain, with Gennaro Contaldo, owner of the restaurant Passione di Londra and one of the most renowned chefs of the capital, or Jamie Oliver, grown up in the family pub kitchen, follower of his Italian masters and soon owner of the many Jamie’s Italian, a restaurant where quality and refinement encounter spicy Schiacciata, the Finocchiona Levoni, and the better known San Daniele ham.

Last but not least in the European panorama, even Germany and France can count on the delicacies of Cornelia Poletto, a flagship of the feminine creativity in the kitchen, and the inspirations of Paul Bocuse who – always seeking to innovate- launched the Nouvelle Cuisine: the research of the raw material, purchased directly at the market for rediscovering the essential tastes, has influenced several chefs like Jamie Oliver, who launched the tv programme The Naked Chef to promote this new style. Other stories, friendships and encounters intertwine, and in this journey, on the way home to Colicchio, we stop in Sudtirol, homeland of Norbert Kostner – nowadays a popular chef in Thailand, and a place where the Ungherese is called “the Levoni”, because of the strong bond with the family and the products.
Classic, spicy, delicate, this thread brings us to the source of everything, to the roots in Castelucchio, where the knot closes in the binding of a cold cut, ready for a new journey, a new flavour and a new tasting.