Lardo alto di Castellucchio ai Sapori

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80 g
Appetizing taste, slightly aromatic
From pigs born and bred in Italy
Produced and sliced by Levoni Castellucchio - Mantova
Gluten and lactose free
Packaged in a protective atmosphere

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The Recipe

Pisarei and beans with Lardo Alto di Castellucchio ai Sapori Levoni

For the pisarei, wet the grated bread with hot salted water and work it out with the flour, until you obtain a soft and elastic dough. Take off some little pieces and, with the palm of your hands, shape some stripes. Take some small pieces out of the stripes, cover with flour, place them on […]


The Recipe

Bowl of Praga ham

Put the diced Praga ham and 3 spoons of cognac in the mixer bowl, mix them and add the butter in pieces until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous mixture. Add and mix delicately the whipped cream. Pour the mixture in a bowl and let it harden up for few hours in the fridge. Serve […]


The Recipe

The toast-trio

Toasts with the sausage: Peal the sausage and crumble it with a fork, knead it in a bowl with the stracchino and rosemary. Spread on the slices of bread and roast in the oven at 200° for 10/15 minutes. Toasts with the lard: Toast lightly the slices of bread in the oven at 180° for […]