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80 g
Selected legs from European Union pigs
Delicate natural smoking woods of Trentino
Matured and sliced by Levoni Castellucchio - Mantova
Gluten and lactose free
Packaged in a protective atmosphere

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The Recipe

Mushrooms “Rosticciata” with Levoni CastelSpeck

Stew the potatoes with their skin in salted water at medium flame for about 30 minutes. Drain and let cool down. Meanwhile, clean the chanterelle mushrooms, removing any soil remaining and, in case they are too big, cut them in pieces not too small. Mince finely half onion and let it cook slowly over low […]


The Recipe

Pasta salad with Castelspeck Levoni and celery

Mince finely the onion and fry it for a few minutes adding some water to prevent it from burning, then add the celery cut into thin slices and cook it. Just before the cooking is over add the diced speck, the olives and the radicchio stripes, put salt and pepper and remove from the stove. […]