Lombetto of Pig Seasoned

Other products Filettucci e Lombetti

1,60 kg - 800 g
Whole and half v.p.
Tied by hand with twine
Only from loins of pigs born and bred in Italy
Gluten, lactose and milk proteins free

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The Recipe

Strangozzi with seasoned pork Lombetto of Levoni and lentils of Castelluccio

Prepare a lentils cream by making them boil in little water. When cooking is over, mince them with the thyme leaves and some black pepper, to obtain a soft cream. In a pan, fry over low heat the spring onion with some extra vergin olive oil, and then add the lentils cream. Cut the lombetto […]


The Wine

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc

This wine should be taken without a long maturation, when the fruit is still nicely present and its taste emerges with olfactory notes of rich and fleshy cherry, but still alive in its final tannic note. Equally superb is Cerasuolo.