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The name Levoni is a synonym for tradition, excellent and unique fragrances, aromas and tastes. This happens because since the very first salami was produced, the Levoni family never compromised on quality.

Levoni is among the companies than more than others value this heritage with more than 40 different recipes: delicate, smoked, spicy.

The Levoni ham steaks are obtained only from the best fresh pork legs seasoned according to an exclusive recipe and delicately rubbed down, to let the meat absorb the aromas at best.

Levoni can offer a wide selection of raw hams thanks to its own experience and tradition, enriched across the generations.

Levoni offers a unique product, realised with the best raw materials in a wide selection: from the classic Bologna Igp Oro produced in respect to the procedure guidelines, to the more sapid Portafortuna, the delicate Levonella and the unusual Etrusca.

Levoni offers a large choice of products with more than 300 references. Not just salami but a wide variety of aged products such as air-cured pork meat, bacon, Filettucci, Lombetti, Lardi.